Thursday, September 10, 2009

On 9th Sept 2009..

Yesterday marks the special once in a lifetime (well, at least for my lifetime) day. Besides being the 9th day of the 9th month in the 9th year of 2000, its also my bro-in-law's wedding day with Grace.

It was indeed a very hectic and tiring day. None the less it was a joyous day for everyone in the family. After much planning and anticipation, the day has finally arrived especially for the happy couple. Helping out in the event brings back many fond and memorable moments for me and hubby. It just seems like yesterday we were the ones getting married and now with a blink of an eye its already a year fast forward. Both me and hubby have fun being apart of the whole family event. Even when it means minimal sleep, loads of stress and the scorching sun frying our brains out which feels like 40' Celsius at its peak.

Hubby and another friend of mine played paparazzi for the day tagging along the official photographer on the day's event proper. The final binding moments happens over a courtyard on the 4th floor at Holiday Inn. With the setting sun as the perfect backdrop, vows were exchanged and tears of joy filled the air. The groom sealed his vows with a very passionate yet loving kiss and the feast begins moments later.

Wishing both David and Grace the most wonderful things in the world and may their blissful marriage be blessed with love from all of us who cares for them.


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